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Stinkbugs Seek Orchard When Shrubs Dry

Monday July 21, 2014 12:01am
Adult stinkbugs puncture fruit with their beaks to feed on the fruit flesh. Stinkbug damage in apples can occur beginning in mid-summer and accumulate through the harvest period when new adults move into the orchard from outside habitats.

Taiwan Protocol and Export Required Sampling

Monday July 14, 2014 12:59am
Those expecting to export apples to Taiwan need to have their training updated every two years and use the sampling protocols negotiated with Taiwan. Three Orchard and Field Bin Sampling Protocol training sessions are scheduled for August.

Which Type of Apple Sunburn is in Your Orchard?

Wednesday July 02, 2014 1:40am
Sunburn browning is the most prevalent type of sunburn, and is caused by high fruit surface temperatures (FST) and ultraviolet radiation. The FST required to induce sunburn browning varies by cultivar, but is in the range of 113 to 120 °F (45 to 49 °C).

Bin Piles Are a Source of CM Off the Normal Model

Tuesday July 01, 2014 12:45am
Bin piles placed in the orchard are often a source of codling moth. Larvae spin up in the bins in the fall and emerge when the bins are placed in the field. Because the bins in the center of a pile are insulated from temperature changes, adults emerge from bins at different times than predicted by the model.

Fire Blight Model Turned Off June 21 – August 20

Wednesday June 25, 2014 1:56pm
The Fire Blight (CougarBlight) model is a blossom infection model and intended for use during moderate temperatures (50-86°F) that usually occur during spring and early summer and when flowers are open. This blossom infection model attempts...
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