WSU Decision Aid System

WSU Decision Aid System (DAS)

What is DAS?

WSU-DAS ( is a web-based platform designed to transfer time-sensitive information to decision makers in the tree fruit industry. It currently consists of ten insect, four disease, and two horticultural models. It implements models that estimate the current status of the issue, provides management recommendations including access to pesticide recommendations. DAS is a comprehensive system that incorporates environmental data from WSU-AgWeatherNet, forecasts from NOAA’s National Digital Forecast Database, and other information sources such as WSU’s Orchard Pest Management Online.

A Tool Used by the Industry

We performed user surveys in 2008, 2010, and 2013 to estimate usage and areas where we needed to improve the system. The results showed that DAS is used by the majority of IPM decision makers in the industry. Roughly 300 managers or management consultants use DAS on a regular basis on >80% of the acreage throughout the season. All three user surveys estimated that the value for DAS to the industry was roughly $16.5M/yr. Users felt that DAS clarified treatment timing, improved their overall management program, helped them choose pesticides for best efficacy and least effects on natural enemies, and was a good source of general IPM information. Users also reported better pest control and lower management costs.

Finally, DAS users indicated that 81% of them shared information on DAS with others, suggesting that its impact is broader than what can be estimated by just counting those who regularly access the web site. Simply put, DAS reaches the decision makers in the industry.

How was DAS developed?

DAS has been supported for the last 7+ years on competitively acquired grant funds from state, federal and industry funds (sources are shown in the pie chart to the right - note none of the WSU faculty time is listed). Grants are provided by a particular agency to further the goals of that agency that also help WSU meet our land grant mission. These funds are actually a legal contract that WSU will meet the objectives outlined in the grants within a particular time frame (generally 1-3 years), but do not allow obligations once the granting period is over and funds are expended. Grant funds are not provided as a free gift for WSU to use as they see fit, the objectives must be fulfilled. Read more about how DAS was developed?


WSU-DAS is now a yearly subscription fee site. The fee is $150.00 for each station per year. With this yearly fee, each station will have access to all tree fruit models, historic data, the DAS Sprayguide, model notifications and all future upgrades to the DAS software.
Read about how was DAS developed?

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User Comments

  • “Invaluable tool which I and other consultants use daily.”
  • “You have done wonders. It’s by far the best DSS anywhere.”
  • “DAS will be great for new people coming into agriculture. It has been a help to those of us near going out. Our company has an internship program for young people entering agriculture. I encourage them to use this program. When you advise to farm, you need the weather every day. Thank you!”
  • “It’s a great system, keep up the good work, thanks!”
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